about me

When your childhood obsession turns into your career, it’s like some kind of serendipity to discover that you had life sussed the whole time!

I’m Shelly, I love my family, colour, dramatic skies, golden light, Converse, dogs, the beach, polka dots, theme parks, living it up in Gold Class, party planning and about a million other things that make life amazing!

Did I mention I had a Carnival Wedding?!

Now that I’m a big kid, (seriously, I’m really tall – great for a flattering angle!!) I have to say, Smile! is one of my great loves, I adore my Photography business and believe wholeheartedly in the importance of photography in our lives.

“Speak of your joy, often”

The Art & Passion of Smile! Designer Photography

I’ve exchanged making my family and childhood BFF’s pose for me, with photographing weddings, families (including fur babies!), newborns and couples.

Smile! truly is a reflection of me. It’s bright, happy, colourful and fun! You’ll never be left floundering awkwardly in front of my camera, I’ll guide you, interact and play games so that your photography experience will be an enjoyable (and memorable) one!

From those quirky expressions your toddler makes, to the playful and knowing glances you and your partner share, Smile! Photographs are real, like bubbles of memories that will instantly take you back to an important time in your life.

It’s those fleeting moments I strive to capture, and print! As a full service studio, I can create stunning personalised art work to feature in your home.

When all is said and done, you are left with your memories and the photographs of them.

They really are everything.

Superior Quality, Education & World Class Experience

As a child, I spent many hours admiring a stunning hand painted photography portrait of my Nana when she was just a teenager, now that beautiful portrait hangs in my home and has led to a lifelong obsession with photography. That passion has turned into a double degree in Photography / Film and Television and a professional membership with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). With more than 20 years of study in the field of Photography, and over 10 years experience around the world, you can feel certain that you’re working with an experienced professional, which means you’ll be sure to look back on your Smile! Images with the same delight you felt creating them.